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  • Deborah Mensah-Bonsu

Letter from the Editor

I love a good story. I know I’m not alone. I believe the story of gaming needs a new narrative. Our industry is often represented in a negative light, despite the fact that our medium has the potential to be the most powerful in reaching the masses. As players become more socially conscious, we not only have to adapt, but have the opportunity to lead the way.

In this magazine you will find good stories about people, companies and communities who are trying to harness the power of our medium for more than entertainment. I want to help develop and support those voices.

I’ve been at the centre of the games industry for more than a decade now, but my origin story traces back to journalism. I was a reporter, producer, researcher. I met people who shocked me, challenged me, and inspired me. I had the opportunity to see people as they embraced their best moments, and faced down their worst. I got to see people, who despite very bad situations, remained good; who used their pain as a platform, turned crises into opportunities, and gave others hope.

There’s a voice inside all of us urging us to be better, that asks us to build bridges, that helps us make room for the greater good. Let's empower our industry, its studios, and the more than 2 billion gamers on the planet, to become vehicles for change. How? Trailblazers already exist in this industry, and I think the best way to get the rest of us started is by telling their stories.



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