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About Games for Good

About Games for Good

Our industry is often represented in a negative light, but our medium has the potential to be the most powerful in reaching the masses. As players become more socially conscious, we not only have to adapt, but have the opportunity to lead the way. We can help develop and support voices that stand for something. 


Founded by Deborah Mensah-Bonsu, at dmb crew we are passionate about changing the narrative of our industry and unlocking its true potential through our flagship initiative Games for Good.


We specialise in using games for social impact and support clients in leveraging parts of their business for social good; through their company, products, or their community of players.


While so many industries are struggling during these strange times, we are fortunate to be part of one that is thriving. Let's empower our industry, its studios, and the more than 2 billion gamers on the planet, to become vehicles for change.

We would love to help you create, improve and steward your social impact strategy to connect more deeply with your staff, partners, players, and empower your communities. ​

About Deborah

About Deborah

Deborah is the Founder of Games for Good and its parent company dmb crew. She believes in business with purpose.


Deborah is a media and games professional with a decade of experience, first as a print and tv journalist and then as a producer and content guru in games at Xbox and Space Ape.


Her specialties includes international project and community management; content strategy and storytelling; public speaking and presenting; video editing; event management; education and mentoring.


She is a Special Effect Ambassador, was named one of the Top 100 Women in Games in 2019, winner of the MCV Career Mentor of the Year Award, and nominated for the h100 Awards: Games in 2018.


She has been a speaker at conferences around the world including Gamescom, devcom, Twitchcon, Unity for Humanity, Insomnia, ESI, Pax East PGC and more. 

She loves this industry, good storytelling, bad tv, baby elephants, and sparkling juice drinks.

My latest projects

Our Latest Projects

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dmb crew consults for UNEP's Playing for the Planet Alliance. Launched in September 2019, P4P is comprised of more than 25 of the biggest names in the industry. The mission is to leverage our industry and player communities for environmental action. Our latest project, the Green Mobile Game Jam, saw 250 Million players reached for climate action. Our goal for 2021 is to reach 1 Billion.

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dmb crew consults for this up-and-coming narrative studio on their social media and marketing strategy. The studio's aim is to connect with players in a new way, turning non-gamers into gamers through innovative and compelling storytelling. We aid in shaping the tone of voice and content for the game and studio's public profile.

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dmb crew helps studios like London developer Space Ape implement social good initiatives for their staff, company, and players. Projects include consulting on the company's green initiatives and carbon footprint commitments, internal and external diversity and educational programs, as well as social impact strategies for their titles.

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devcom is the official developer conference for gamescom, the largest B2C gaming conference in the world. This year devcom has gone digital and introduced virtual events and community streams on Twitch. The goal is to bring together gamemakers from all over the world, exploring the craft in markets that often get sidelined, and creating a stronger global community. dmb crew consults on both the conference and content of the shows.

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